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A konfliktus kiépítése az már tart egy ideje szerintem, gondolok arra hogy, zászlóégetés, sárkányverés, Impel Down, Marineford.
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A Forradalmárok inkább ezért jelennének meg szerintem.
Már ha megjelennek.

"Azt mondta, hogy le fogja rombolni az egész Gyojin-szigetet, mert nincs elég cukorkátok!

Hülye! Bár ha húsról lenne szó, megérteném"
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"Lambert,Lambert,what a prick"
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Ha ez igaz akkor elég durva fejezetnek ígérkezik. De akkor jól sejtettem,hogy még nem folytatódik Wano.

"Lambert,Lambert,what a prick"

Nem tudom ténylegesen mennyi lesz a valóságos ebből, de ha ezek az alakok egykor tényleg Rox csapatába tartoztak, akkor bitang egy ember lehetett.

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Úgy néz ki hogy kapunk egy kis betekintést a Roger kalózok életébe. is végre.

Ezen felül pedig indul a 3 Act. és nem a legfényesebben hőseink szempontjából.

Ja és szünet jövőhéten.
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Nagyon remelem, hogy shinobu lesz a kém a legunszimpatikusabb karakter eddig szerintem a one pieceben
Megértem ha valakinek nem szimpi de hogy legunszimpatikusabb? :O
Spandam,Foxy,Wapol,égisárkányok stb mellett bevallom nem értem.

"Lambert,Lambert,what a prick"
Egyértelműen Foxy a legidegesítőbb, azokat a részeket elsőre skippeltem. :)

"Azt mondta, hogy le fogja rombolni az egész Gyojin-szigetet, mert nincs elég cukorkátok!

Hülye! Bár ha húsról lenne szó, megérteném"
Gyerekek jól látom, hogy Oden a virágfőváros utcáján sétálgat?
Ban írta:

Gyerekek jól látom, hogy Oden a virágfőváros utcáján sétálgat?

És ezt hol látod?

"Lambert,Lambert,what a prick"
Az szerintem Zoro lesz 😂😂
Valóban Oden az de nem úgy ahogy gondolod, elvileg most kezdődik a flashback

"Not everyone dies because they want to die. Most of them die against their will."
Találtam egy ilyet egy reddit post alatt, de fogalmam sincs, hogy most ez valós-e vagy csak kitaláció, viszont ha kitaláció, akkor nagyon jól fel van vezetve: (remélem jó témába írom)


My crazy minds. Chapter 959. Denjiro. Cover about Gangster Bege.

Page 1. Ringo, some kind of shelter. 1 day before the attack on Onigashima.

Are you sure you want to wait for him here?

Yes exactly. Only when it's over I can meet them.

Then take care of yourself, I need to leave, I have to hurry up.

Thank you. I wish you all success.

(In the last frame, Hiyori will show us, she was talking to someone)

Page 2-3. Flower Capital

Mr. Orochi, I have come

Everything is ready?

Of course, you can see her. (Kyoshiro will lead Orochi to the female corpse, this is Hiyori!)

Oh, that's how it is Oden's daughter? Amazing, you did well. But you have something else to do for me. Here. (Orochi gives his message in which information about the resistance)

Take as many people as you need, and make sure they are completely defeated.

Everything will be as you wish, my lord.

Page 4. We will be shown Kyoshiro with his soldiers goes on the road. Udon. Rebel headquarters. Hyogoro oversees the preparations. Samurai, Minks and Yakuza are ready to go. All tools and necessary were collected.

Page 5-6.

So guys, are you all ready? (Hyogoro)

Yes !!!

Then it's time for us to set sail. Hello, is this a ship repairing group?

[Yes, this is Franosuke, we are all set.]

[Then come forward to us, we are also fully prepared.]

Well, superr understand. We are on our way.

[No, no, wait! Wait there, if we do not arrive at the agreed time, go without us! ]

What? What happened to you? Are you alright ? Answer?


(Hyogoro is looking somewhere, he's in shock)

Page 7. Kyoshiro and his army entered Udon. Hyogoro and the others did not know what to do.

Listen to me, everyone. Samurai, Straw Hats, warriors, get ready for the worst. It seems that we are sniffed. (Hyogoro)

He is... (Zoro)

(Zoro saw Kyoshiro and without hesitation attacked him)

Page 8. Kyoshiro blocked Zoro's attack and threw him back. After that, he used some kind of power and illusioned his soldiers. Soldiers turned into samurai from the Rasetsu quarter.

It's ... Those samurai ... (Sanji and Brook)

Calm down, everyone. Listen to me carefully. (Kyoshiro)


Page 9.

In honor of our late master, today we must certainly fulfill his 20-year-old dream. To do this, we need a good plan and strategy. You can’t even imagine how everything turned out on Onigashima. Therefore, let to help you me too as a strategist. My name is....

(Kyoshiro uses the power of illusion once again and shows everyone his true face. Seeing him, Hyogoro and all the samurai are in shock)


Page 10.

Denjiro! Vassal of the Kozuki Clan!

Denjiro will show us in general terms. His full name is "Blue Chameleon" Denjiro. He ate the Mage-Mage fruit, with the help of which he can create illusory scenes.

Page 11-12. Some time has passed ...

So, all this time you played the role of the dog of Orochi? Why? (Hyogoro)

I had no other choice. After that, when Ashura and I were defeated against Kaido, we remained alive and hid in different places. I never saw Ashura again ... (Denjiro)

(In the background of Denjiro's story, we will briefly show these events)

I heard the other day that Lady Hiyori is alive and she is wanted. I searched for her for a long time and, fortunately, I was the first to find her. She told me about Kawamatsu. I thought he was already dead. But recently I heard about the fact that he was in Udon all this time ... After I found Hiyori, with the help of my fruit I changed both myself and her. We thus became Kyoshiro and Komurasaki. We lived a different life. But our ambitions have not changed a bit ...

Page 13. Dual page

We must not waste time. I came here for two reasons: To make Orochi think that I defeated you all, and the second, to tell you something. Among the rebel is a traitor. And he will always be near the main tactic. He sent a letter to Orochi about a new leaflet, about Udon, and about Lady Hiyori. (Denjiro)

What ????

Now everything is clear, then Lady Hiyori is also in danger now ... (Hyogoro)

No. No more ... Orochi sent me for her. I hid her in a safe place.

(Recent events with Hiyori are shown in the background)

And to Orochi I showed one woman's corpse from his ninja squad and disguised her as Lady Hiyori. (Denjiro)

Page 14.

Thank you, Denjiro (Nami)

You saved us all in the last moment. (Brook)

We, even without knowing the danger, would have failed if you had not been. (Hyogoro)

What about the traitor, how do we find him? (Robin)

Hyogoro looks around and thinks. Then says:

All these samurai, warriors are ordinary people who only believe in hope. I am sure that there is no one among them who will be able to do so. The traitor should be either next to the scabbard, or with a detachment of the Heart Pirates. But I am more inclined to the first. Therefore, we must not contact with others at this time. So we cheat the spy himself. Everyone, listen to me ....

Page 15. Dual page. Present time. Coast. The agreed place. A group of red scabbards.

Fate cannot be changed! This is our last hope. We must do everything what we can. (Inuarashi)

This is suicide! (Shinobu)

We have no choice! (Raizo)

On our shoulders is the revenge of our Lord! (Kawamatsu)

We cannot disgrace ourselves by going back due to a simple assault! (Ashura)

Let's do that! (Momonosuke)

No, wait, we’ll just drown in the sea before coming to Onigashima! (Shinobu)

Shinobu? What are you talking about ?! (Kinemon)

Look around, it's impossible, you just die! (Shinobu)

We must believe in Lady Toki's prediction! (Kanjuro)

What is the prediction? This is just a myth, everyone knows that !!! (Shinobu)

(Everyone suddenly turned to Shinobu)

So you still don't believe in this, right, Shinobu? (Kanjuro)

After all, in the past you served to Orochi ... Are you really ...?! (Kinemon)

Page 16. A silhouette comes out of the shadow, and says:

You understood her correctly, Kinemon, she still works for Orochi. Right, Shinobu? (This is Kyoshiro)

You?! (Shinobu)

Yes it's me. The head of the Yakuza clan, Inemuri Kyoshiro. But now ...

(He turns to Denjiro. Seeing him, all the scabbards in shock)

Denjiro, are you alive ?! (Everyone)

Page 17-18. Udon. Mine, near the port of Tokage. Some time has passed.

Now everything is clear. We neutralized the traitor. (Kinemon)

Shinobu will show us in prison.

Here, my smartmushi can contact the others. They have now embarked on a journey from Itachi port, and now they will come here to pick us up. (Denjiro)

Thank you. (Kinemon, calling to Hyogoro)

Hello, it's Hyogoro, is that you, Denjiro?

It's us, Hyogoro-dono, vassals of the Kozuki clan.

So you got rid of her, right?

Yes. Exactly. Thanks Denjiro.

Then what order do you give? We are completely filled, including the samurai from the Rasetsu quarter, Denjiro accompanied them.

[What? This is amazing! Now all our warriors, listen! Let's take an oath together! We are the Vassals of the Kozuki Clan, ...]

We are faithful subordinates of Lord Oden - samurai, ninja, yakuza, ...

We are the mink tribe of the Kingdom of Mokomo, ...

And we are true friends of the future Pirate King - Straw Hat Pirates - ...

Everyone: Today we defeat Kaido !!!

On the last 4 frames: Kinemon, Denjiro and other scabbards; Hyogoro and Samurai; Wanda, Musketeers and Minks; Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin and others.

The end of the chapter

"Panic is the seed of defeat, so you must maintain your calm and think logically. Remain calm, look beyond your surroundings, and don't waste your effort on unnecessary details, Momonga-san."

Tessék, ha tényleg spoiler akartok, itt a hivatalos.
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